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Reduce PDF Size 1.0

Easily compress your PDF documents within moments
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This program is exactly what its name implies: an application for compressing PDF documents on your Windows PC. Reduce PDF Size features a straightforward interface, supports batch process, and immediately generates the small-sized documents you need.

The utility might come in handy if you wish to send large-sized PDF documents via email. With its help, you can reduce the size of the PDFs so that they don't exceed the attachment limit.

All you need to do in order to work with this program is to import the PDF files you wish to resize, select the preferred compression method, and let the application take care of the rest. Reduce PDF Size lets you choose between 5 compression profiles: Screen-view-only Quality, Low Quality (eBook), High Quality (Printer), High Quality (Prepress), and Default Quality.

In my testing, the application managed to reduce the size of the imported files by 50%. Another great thing was that it took a very small amount of time to generate the compressed files.

My only issue with the program is that it doesn't let you complete other tasks while it's compressing the imported files, such as accessing its menu.

Still, this utility comes without a price tag and is very efficient. You should give it a try. You lose nothing.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Supports batch processing
  • Fast file compression speed
  • Lets you choose between various data compression modes


  • Unable to complete other tasks while the app compresses the imported PDFs
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